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Friday, December 11, 2009
8:06 AM

i demand applause, people.

thanks to my awesome sleuthing skills, i have managed to dig up blog addresses! okay so maybe i just managed to get them by linking here and there and so on...

but some blogs some are kinda dead though...

okay. can't wait for the chalet to come soon :D


p.s. put your links up if i haven't! and if you're not invited to post on the blog then tell me or benji :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009
6:16 AM

i miss you guys ): class chalet anyone? to relive the days?


Saturday, May 10, 2008
5:21 AM

hweejoo the nice ! MEMEMEME!!!
courage six dinner anyone?!
next week. and

Friday, May 9, 2008
12:45 AM

i just played block catching with my friends ,
and was wondering if you guys are interested one of these days !
come on , don't be shy .
and someone outta plan the chalet soon ,
if we're gonna have one , that is .
ciao .


Tuesday, May 6, 2008
1:49 AM

BENJAMIN! you finally added us to da blog.

took you some time, huh. XD

okay fine shall not be mean. ;D

good luck for midyears! mine's just about ending. horrible exams... *shudders*


p.s. charmaine's birthday which is also my birthday is in two days! xD

Monday, May 5, 2008
7:57 AM



Haha as the only person who could post to the blog i am currently depressed...and i just invited i think 30+people from courage six to post. So people, if you received it, PLEASE ACCEPT and post whenever you feel like it!

We must not die out like some extinct shumei, (jkjk) but we must survive like the amazing benjamin (^.^) haha....hmm okayyy so is anyone interested for a chalet? i think everyone is but just that we can't get together...we should book one of those aloha loyang ones then we can roam and party around like mad animals!

haha okayyy and people post man when you accept my invitation!

anyone want a change of blogskin?! :D

Wednesday, January 2, 2008
6:15 AM

Hello people! I will post sth abt the chalet to entertain us.

Ah I'm gonna give a professional, highly unbiased unreview about the chalet mainly in this post as it deserves so much attention. It was supposed to be from 20th to 23rd but we ended up leaving on 22nd because the first person who had to leave was Fion, then the girls followed her, then the boys got no one to bully then also go...until the booker of the chalet was left alone there checking out. I think she will get questioned about the matchsticks scattered about the "chalet" but who cares.

Definition of chalet: "Standard term for a detached house or villa".
Definition of our chalet: "NOT A CHALET. SEE BELOW FOR ACCURATE DEFINITION" Definition of prison cell: "A place of unspeakable torture and horrors that have 2 bedrooms with a total of four pillows, whilst forcing about 10 people to live in its horrifying bowels."

Some of the atrocities that we faced in the prison cell were:

1) Ants. Not an issue to the masculine species of the humans, the unfortunate females of the aforementioned humans are seemingly more afraid of the ants than the ants are of the girls. Easily countered with a blow to the body by a human leg or something bigger (anything).

- Casualty costs: Screaming girls desperately crying out for some hero (the boys) to save them from the slaughter of the ants. Minor bites that can't penetrate the thick skin of an overweight girl (if you're reading this, cheers :D)

2) A lack of power plugs. There were a total of like, 3 working power plugs, two of which were assessible. Imagine having so many people trying to charge their phones. Minor annoyance.

3) An extremely small kitchen. Contains an ancient can-opener, (maybe a bottle opener), some knifes virtually unused, smelly spoons and forks, and rusty, dirty, mouldy plates. In an area of less than 3m by 2m, how the hell can there be a kitchen, and a partitioned toilet area?

- Casualty costs: People farting in the toilet would surely enrich the food in the kitchen with lots of vitamins.

These were general issues we all faced. Now let's hear the issues I, and maybe 1 or 2 other people, faced.

1) Sleep. On the first day of the chalet, I slept from 4am to 6am, regularly waking up at 20min intervals. Hardly sleep. On the second day of the chalet, I absolutely didn't sleep at all. I am not typing this having had about 2 hours of sleep for about 48 hours. The girls sure, maybe talked with us till 3 or walked around till 3.30. But they still managed to go back to sleep.

2) Someone.

So having introduced the ideal way this SOMEONE chose for our class of Primary 6 to interact, let's recount everything, with pictures.

Day 1

I set off to rivervale plaza to meet the people [shumei (___), jeannie (overweight), anthony (english), alvin(chinaman)]. It was raining super heavily. Armed with my magic umbrella, I braved the rain to a welcome sight of three people and an unwelcome sight of one person. Meeting them, I decided it was going to be a sad chalet. I was kinda wrong.

I was last, and then, we set off. Took 403 to some super ulu place, and then got off at White Sands Shopping Mall. We boughy some initial stuff, and then, we set off to check-in into the chalet. Prior to this, I had been my nice, usual self. After witnessing the prison, I think i sweared so much I got pissed. Oh and by the way, Jeannie/Fion paid for about $50 of this shopping session and I paid the remaining $10. I didn't take pictures of the chalet, cos I didn't want to remember it. The following excerpt from Jeannie's blog summarizes it:

i tot the chalet shumei booked
was aloha loyang
donoe WHO tel me one lor
i was lik SHUANG
so big
can run like crazy
dan wen i saw the chalet i was lik..
no offence but got a serious shock
before seein the room
stupid anthony said that
he lik saw the chalet in some singapore scary show
or something lik tt
obviously i freaked out
but another look
tell me it looks scary
and our room was the right to the end
a little special lik that
i saw the exterior of the flat and tot
"inside mayb better"
went in and got a surprise
not a good surprise but a bad one
after an hour i dan recoverd from the shock
benji sadly took 2++ days

Mostly true, except for the 2++ days part. (What abt you eh, overweight). So we freaked out at the sight of the prison. Then, we sat down and turned on the 3-colour tv (red, green, blue) and they played some taiti. This was where I was choosing someone. Anthony and I sure made fun of Jeanie like hell. I was hitting her on her head with my umbrella and passing her hp and wallet to Anthony. We threw paper balls at each other, the team of I and Anthony vs. the overweight Jeannie Ong. Her aiming sucked and her strength of shots sucked. Anthony shot accurate but no so hard, and I shot hard but inaccurate. Then the idiot Shumei come and save her lor. Pity no one did so when she needed it. Then, the idiot Anthony said he going back home to enjoy life, and he did.

We then walked to the bus stop, and then ran to another bus stop on sight of the bus (guess who was last...overweight!) We went to White Sands again for some more shopping, where we met up with Fion(Jeannie was relieved haha). Had dinner, then shopped again. Jeannie paid for this session and made herself broke. Poor thing :). Fion is the blue skirt, and I guess the one infront is Shumei and the one near Fion is Jeannie. I see the slipper so ugly then guess one la. After this, we waited for Sebastian to come while the shumei and fion bought nail polish or some lame thing (cos Jeannie no money, else she buy) then we left for the prison. My umbrella, fion's bag and jeannie's wallet.
We went back and played Twister. I discovered that I owned them ALL at Twister. Sebastian drops cake on the mat in fear of losing.
We played matches. There was one where Fion, Sebastian, Jeannie and Alvin played, and one where I, Fion, Alvin and Jeannie played ( I disregard the ones where Shumei played). I won all the matches I was involved in, while wearing unflexible full length jeans and a thermal jacket used in Antarctica. This picture is one where Jeannie won...
From here on is pictures with my comments lo

Auntie Fion twisting/tweezing? Jeannie looking bored

Who is lustfully looking at someone?

Alvin, Jeannie, Fion, Seb. Jeannie won Alvin, Jeannie, Fion, Seb. Jeannie won
Alvin, Jeannie, Fion, Seb. Dunno who won.
Its painful hor
This one i don't think pain for Fion cos she smiling
Posing for the camera. She won.
Someone in terrible position
Walau eh! Highly controversial picture. But since the grey shorts person posted it on her blog, I can do too.

Walau eh. Fion like from some horror movie. Show all the teeth then the hair all down.

Girls like having their pictures taken
Sebastian looking somewhere.

This one I don't say anything.

Alvin grinning at ...

Another pervert photo. But nothing

Overweight leg

Someone couldnt smell after this

Aunty Fion smiling at...the twister board la

Jeannie looks damn old in this one lehh

What is that perverted shumei doing


Hahaha. They posed for this one I took. Jeannie twist until her face can't be seen.

Me vs the shumei. Guess who won. I so calm she dying

Can't be twisted further. Good good

Meditating on my victory

That night, one of the most stupidest things happened. That night, one of the most stupidest things happened. I and alvin were hungry. We also found out that Jeannie, who moved out from one room to the other, was hungry. So, we took two packets of maggie mee and wanted to cook them. Now, I don't have home economics, and so I'm no good. But the stupid Shumei pours all the noodles into not even half-boiled water that filled the pot to the brim. So we got soggy noodles. To make it worse, I had randomly bashed the noodles against the fridge, so they were crunched up and shortened. Finally, two packets of the flavour was added, making the resulting concoction spicy, soggy, and disgusting. In Jeannie's words, "tat kind of soggy, meshed up mee who wan?" Well, after it was cooked, I woke her up. She was asleep in a sitting position on the cushion. Then she said mmmm then turned around. I was like -.-. Then tried shouting. No effect. So I nudged. Then she said what. I said you want mee right. Then again mmmmm. Then I said "Can give me an answer? Yes or No?" She mmm again. Budden this time stood up and went to the kitchen. She was so critical about the mee but ate the most of it. zzz. Then we tried to sleep but couldn't since Shumei was making such a racket. So Fion, Jeanie, Alvin and I went out for a walk. Below got a picture after 1 round of walking, when the girls returned. I was sitting with Alvin.

Day 2

This was Jeannie, looking bored as if she lost all her money or something. Actually it went like this. They would play. I would like give about 50cents to Jeannie then she would play using that. I didn't care about the coins I had anyway, so it was a fun way to spend them. After playing, she earned 10 cents and I earned 10 cents :). So I earned money by sort of betting on her. Sometimes she was like super lucky, two 21s in 1 row.
Then we went out for cycling. We cycled from 11.10am till 1.10pm, and we found Logaraj. Then we went back to the chalet. Eliada had arrived and she assisted alot by bringing soap, a scrub, and such essential things, as well as helping to marinate the chicken. After Jeannie did her part., she played for a while but didn't want to play anymore. So I placed my money on Logaraj, though rather later. He was immensely successful as the banker and dealer, but later brought down my investment of 75cents in him to 25cents left. I lost 50 cents through him.
Kang Xiong, Sebastian and Ronald on the bed, watching a Gameboy Micro.
This was the barbeque. It was this method of positioning that worked, and Eliada and Anthony were behind it. Congrats. We had 20 fire starters, Shumei spent 10 of them and all of them went out without lighting a fire. And then she still insisted on cooking, despite her apparent inability in cooking a barbeque. Eliada and Jeannie's exasperated looks were priceless. Eventually Shumei decided to chase off ants. By placing fires away from us, she chased the ants to us. What a stupid stupid stupid stupid creature.

We later decided to get the drinks. The BBQ was in motion with many people attending. However, Fion suddenly applied some butter on me, and I didn't like it. Jeannie laughed, and I took the butter and rubbed on her white shirt. It started the butter wars. I gonna extract something from Jeannie's blog which is super funny.

untill fion made butter on benji
dan i laugh for no reason
he clean the butter on my shirt
and that started the butter fight
in the middle of the war
i wanted a potato
and logi gave me a half burnt one
cutted it into half ate the perfect one
and left the burnt one on the table
the boys
wif some bright but stupid ideas
asked who ate the potato
i said "me"
dan they said " worm in the potato leh"
i went closer to see the half potato
wif my poor eyesight
and the dark
i freaked out
on the potato was a black worm or something
i screamed
at that point i was lik
imagine a worm crawlin in my stomach
dan they laugh
obviously something was rong
one stupid.burnt.matchstick
later surrendered to the bbq
and ants
and wen back to the chalet
than benji took a skewer and appiled butter al over
and said he was goin to make it on my neck
i was lik
are u sure??
that some of the boys go elias mall to eat
ask them to buy tom yum instant noodle
in the process of describin the brand and the tom yum
i feel something cold down the back of my neck
and nxt i saw benji laughin
thick oily butter
dan wen to bath
that the rest of the day was
either angry.or v angry..
not to tok bout it :D

It was super funny when she thought she had eaten a worm. Lol... I used a stick and rubbed the butter on the back of her neck when Alvin asked her about her birthday present. And her scream was unforgettable. I told some people who asked me why I was carrying around the butter stick to wait for a scream. And it came. Hahahaha. Revenge felt so good. The boys went to White Sands to get some stuff, returning at about 11 with two tom yam cups which Jeannie and Fion wanted. That day, we stayed up all night. There was sort of like an attitude problem with both the girls and the guys going on. The girls wanted to play cards and Twister with us boys but we were staying in our room playing a pushup variant of cards, where the person who draws the least will do the biggest number's amount of pushups. So they didn't play with us. This was what probably angered Jeannie in her blog post above. Then, I left the boys room to bathe and all and went into the girls room to retrieve a charger, when Fion blocked me from leaving. I was like what? I am in a room, the only boy, with 8 girls around. I asked Fion to move but she didn't. Eventually I pushed her aside and opened the door and went back into the boys room. But then, I found what was going on in the girls' room more fun and me, ronald, anthony and kang xiong went to the girls' room. We didn't have the twister with us, and so they played taiti. There was much more laughter in the girls room though. They laugh at anything.

Then I, Ivan and Ronald didn't sleep at all. We stayed up. Fion, Chairmaine and HweeJoo talked to us till 3+ then they went to sleep. I listened to the music in my phone and got bored at around 4. I went into the girls' room, took Jeannie's handphone and conveniently used her headset which was lying outside to listen to some songs, amongst which I liked were It's My Live by Bon Jovi and Jenny by The Click Five. Ivan and Ronald bathed through 4am, with me bathing at 5am. My first reaction was aaah shiok. Then they woke up, we made some last minute packing, and left at about 940. We all went back home, although there was like a communication breakdown between the girls and guys. An sms from me that read "Curious...where did you all go" to one of the girls yielded the reply that we had an attitude problem. The same sms to a different girl yielded the reply "No comment. I am hungry, ronald ate my maggie mee." The second was Jeannie, the lamest of lamers. A series of smses reveals that neither of us had wanted to ask each other about where to go, instead, the girls were waiting for us to ask them and vice-versa. Although we did stop a while and watch the girls go ahead, this is explained by the fact that they thought we were going to play lan or something. In fact, we al sat down somewhere for a while. Most of the boys had no money, and it was decided to go home together, which the girls also had done. What a sad ending to what could have been an exciting chalet. So there was a communication problem, the type that happens between boyfriends and girlfriends. I am super tired here, still need to remove the unnecessary blanks.

This summarizes the chalet. Apologies for the long post. I do hope the next time, which is in 3 weeks time, that we have a chalet, this does not happen. Also, since the booker is different, we should enjoy being in the chalet itself. Next time, there should be no inter-gender quarrels of sorts, we should just be a class like 6.3 together. And now the time is 3:55am and i have not slept for like 50 hours. Really need to sleep now.